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Happy Sisyphos - Hermann Heisig - Foto Angelique Preau (5).jpg

Inspired by the idea of a Sisyphus task as an activity that starts all over again with no foreseeable end, happy sisyphos makes the ancient myth the starting point of an absurd cosmos.

Three people, a ladder, a ball and 13 seat cushions come together again and again in songs and rhythmic structures. A collective body emerges, a machinery of building, narrating, singing …dances of futility and repetition, which also contain joy in a miraculous way.

Concept : Hermann Heisig

Music: Thomas Proksch

Performance : Ayşe Orhon, Hermann Heisig, Thomas Proksch
Dramaturgy : Anne Zacho Søgaard

Foto credits: ©Angélique Préau

Production: Fabrik Potsdam

Potsdamer School and fabrik Potsdam, 2022

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